Cracked Heels Cure - Have You Been Searching on the Best Cure For Cracked Heels?

How do you find the best cure for cracked heels? You could try and treat them yourself, or you could use foot care products, or you could consult a podiatrist. This is a very common condition, also known as heel fissures. The cracks are often caused by dry skin and can be very severe if the rim of the heel is covered with a thick callus.

Cracked heels are a problem mainly because they look unsightly. But, if the fissures or cracks are deep, bleeding may occur and you will find it very painful to stand or walk. In this case, the fissures could be prone to infection.

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Cracked heels can be caused by a number of things. These include wearing open-backed shoes, being overweight, prolonged periods of standing, certain medical conditions, a susceptibility to dry skin, or skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema. Cracked heels should be treated early so they don't get worse.

Cracked Heels Cure - Have You Been Searching on the Best Cure For Cracked Heels?

You can try the following: Rub a thick moisturizing cream into the cracks twice a day. Make sure you use a cream that's oil-based to ensure it sinks in well. You can also gently rub the hard skin surrounding the cracks with a pumice stone. If you can get rid of the calluses, the cream can penetrate the cracks and promote healing. This is often the best cure for cracked heels.

After you have applied the cream, don't stand or walk for a while. You need to let the cracks absorb it properly. Never use a razor blade or scissors to cut away the callus. The risk of infection will increase. Furthermore, you could cut too much and worsen the condition.

There are a variety of good foot care products available. You can read up about these online. Carefully study the product information and read some consumer reviews before making your purchase. It is very safe to pay online. Encrypted technology is used on the internet which prevents hackers obtaining personal information.

If foot care products or a self-help method do not help, you will need to see a podiatrist. With a special instrument, he or she can do a 'debridement' of the skin. This is the name for removing thick skin gradually. Cracks cannot heal while surrounded by thick skin.

If the cracks are really bad, the podiatrist may strap up your heels so that the cracks stay closed. You will probably need a couple of consultations before the problem goes. Once the problem has cleared up, keep your feet well moisturized and wear appropriate shoes. You could say that the best cure for cracked heels is prevention.

Cracked Heels Cure - Have You Been Searching on the Best Cure For Cracked Heels?

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