Treating Athlete's Foot With Vinegar and Listerine

Not only can athlete's foot be itchy, it can also be embarrassing. You don't need to spend a lot of money on finding a remedy. Two items that you probably have at home that can be used to treat athlete's foot include Listerine mouthwash and vinegar.

1. Use vinegar in your foot bath. One low-priced and easy solution to cure athlete's foot is using vinegar. An oversized bowl or tub basin will work just fine (of sufficient size to submerge your whole foot). Put your problem foot in the foot bath and then add vinegar. Make sure the whole foot is covered with vinegar and let your foot stay in for 15 minutes twice daily. Do this every day for a minimum of a week, depending on how bad the affliction is. Then, when it is time to take your foot out of the footbath, make sure you have a towel close by to dry it with.

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2. A good treatment for athlete's foot is to pour Listerine on it. There are many ways to get rid of the troublesome foot fungus such as an application of Listerine on a cotton pad and applying it to your feet twice a day. (An alternative is to use the vinegar method and soak your feet two times daily in Listerine, but this might be a little costly!) Once you have rubbed the Listerine on your foot, you do not need to rinse it off. Afterward, be sure to dry foot off completely. Applying Listerine in this manner as a remedy for athlete's foot is harmless for youngsters and adults alike.

Treating Athlete's Foot With Vinegar and Listerine

3. Be sure to always take good care of your feet when Athlete's foot is gone. A great number of people contract athlete's foot while in public places, however it is also possible you may have gotten it from not taking care of your feet. A good way to prevent athlete's food is to keep your feet clean and dry. Be dressed in loose shoes or beach sandals to air get around your foot, and cotton socks are the best choice for foot health.

Further home remedies for treating athlete's foot include hydrogen peroxide, Tilex mould remover and rubbing alcohol. Preventing athlete's foot is the best thing, but if you do get it, look to products in your kitchen and bathroom cupboards to ease the itch and discomfort.

Treating Athlete's Foot With Vinegar and Listerine

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