Hot and Sexy Foot Tattoo Designs For Women - The Best in Feminine Tattoo Designs For Girls

Your foot is a very popular place to get a tattoo.  Have you been considering or looking for a suitable foot tattoo design?  Maybe you want one that is feminine and sexy and maybe a cute girly tattoo design?  Well the possibilities are limitless and you can find a lot of designs to easily come up with something unique and special to you.  This article will help show you how.

Foot Tattoo Designs


When you start looking for a foot tattoo design you are really not limited in any way other then size.  Since the foot area is not a really big canvas you do need to keep your design on the smaller side.  Often tattoos can be sized pretty well to fit a certain area.  However the adjustments to the size should not be big changes.  In other words you do not want to go from a really big intricate tattoo to a small one as it could easily become a blob of ink.  So as you are looking for tattoo designs try to find things that are smaller by nature.  Even if you find a big tattoo design that you are really drawn to you can often take a piece of the design and make it into a small foot tattoo.  Here are some ideas for foot tattoo designs that often work very well for the cute feminine look.

Hot and Sexy Foot Tattoo Designs For Women - The Best in Feminine Tattoo Designs For Girls

Flower Tattoo Designs

Flowers always work well for female tattoo designs.  Of course most flowers have some kind of meaning and significance behind them so you will want to research and know the meaning and symbolism behind the flower that you get before it is tattooed to your foot.  However, if you have a favorite flower then that might be the exact design that you want so go for it.  Since the shape of the top of a foot is pretty square a flower in bloom looking down from the top often works well.  Then a subtle background with some leaves or water can be done behind the flower.

Angel Tattoo Designs

Angels always work well as feminine tattoo designs also.  Since the space on the top of the foot is limited this is not the area for a huge group of angles but maybe one or two angels can work really well here.  Angels often symbolize protection and show the spiritual side of a person.  You might want to consider the type of angel you want as there are many different styles.  You could go with a realistic looking angel, a cartoon angel, a guardian angel or even a cherub.

Fairies Tattoo Designs

Fairies are another very popular option for a sexy foot tattoo that women often seem drawn to.  Of course the fairy could be posed and done in a lot of different ways.  So you will want to consider what you want your tattoo to express about yourself.  For example if you are the type of person who loves to be outdoors and in nature then you might want a nature fairy with a green dress and flowers in her hair.  If you are more the type of person who wants to show off your sexy side then you might want to find a fairy that is drawn in a sexy way.  Really a fairy can be drawn in hundreds of different ways they could be shy, bashful, conceited, sexy, beautiful or whatever emotions you want to express.

Hot and Sexy Foot Tattoo Designs For Women - The Best in Feminine Tattoo Designs For Girls

These are just three of the possible foot tattoo designs [] that you might want to consider. Remember to first gather all of your ideas and really nail down what type of foot tattoo you desire. Then work with a professional tattoo artist to draw up the design or find a suitable design online. Either way if you spend the time and consider what you want the tattoo to express about yourself you are sure to fall in love with your sexy foot tattoo design [].