Three Secrets to Cure Sweaty Feet

Looking for a sweating cure for sweaty feet? Looking for a solution to stop your feet sweating that causes feet odor? You want a fast and easy solution? There are many ways to do it but these are the three proven methods to get it done instantly.

It's embarrassing every time you take off your shoes and it stinks! But it's all right. You're not alone. Those horrible experiences are also shared by many people. Remember, having sweaty feet is very common and most people complain about it. There are a lot of people who deal with this every day. If you have this condition, it can be very depressing. What do you do every time you take off your shoes in front of someone? You can only pray that it won't stink this time but it's really a nerve racking experience. Is it getting too personal? Let's get started with these three easy methods to cure sweaty feet.

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First feet sweating cure method: Use vinegar as foot baths. Scoop half a cup of vinegar and a quart of warm water. Mix them in a basin. Soak your feet for about twenty five minutes to 30 minutes. Let the vinegar dry in your skin and saturate the skin pores. Vinegar acts like astringent. It helps to exfoliate to top layer of the skin to keep it dry after soaking for hours. You don't have to rinse your feet but just let the vinegar solution dry out. Let your feet dry very well. Vinegar has acid that could kill bacteria that builds up in your foot skin when you sweat. It neutralizes the bacteria to prevent foul odors. For others, they use apple cider with this method. But white vinegar is stronger to stop feet sweating. Its effects are fast especially when you are in a hurry.

Three Secrets to Cure Sweaty Feet

Another benefit of soaking your feet in vinegar is it also prevents the growth of fungus so you will have protection on your toenails. You will also solve your athletes' foot problems. We all know that fungus and athletes' foot are usually caused by sweaty feet.

Second feet sweating cure method: Use water with salt. Sounds so simple? Yes, this is very effective in keeping your sweaty feet dry. This is an underrated method. Salt water soak for sweating cure has been proven even in ancient times. Salt in water will dry your feet especially if you are using Epsom Salt. You will get a soft, supple dry foot skin. Before soaking your sweaty feet in salt water, exfoliate if first with a loofah. It makes the effects faster and lasts for hours. Make sure you use warm water so that it will open your foot skin's pores. It will expose your skin to salt efficiently.

However, make sure you don't have open wounds and cuts on your feet when you do this. If you have sore wounds, the warm water and salt will burn them.

Third feet sweating cure method: Use sage tea for sweating cure for your feet. The tea contains high levels of natural tannic acid that also acts as an astringent. Put five sage tea bags into a wide big basin with hot water. Let the water sip the juices from the tea bag until it's fully dissolved. By the time the water temperature drops down to warm level, soak your feet for 20 to 30 minutes. Sage tea enters the pores and neutralizes the bacteria that causes odor. After soaking, dry your feet and don't forget the area between your toes. Sage tea is not only a drink to be enjoyed but also acts as a natural way to sweat cure. While soaking your feet, enjoy the relaxing aroma of the tea as well.

If you noticed that after soaking your feet, it got tanned, no worries. Don't freak out. The color will wash away after you rinse it with soap and water. Try any of these methods tonight and say goodbye to stinky, sweaty feet.

Three Secrets to Cure Sweaty Feet

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