Foot Pain on Side of Foot

If you are a sufferer of side of foot pain it can impact significantly on the quality of your life. We tend to take our feet for granted but when getting from A to B becomes restrictive or even painful then it is time to seek a remedy. The causes of Side of Foot Pain can be due to many reasons but most significantly it is due to wearing incorrect footwear. Many shoes are badly designed and give little support and high heels are one of the leading causes of side of foot pain. It is believed that tendonitis results predominantly from the overuse of high heels and the pain can vary from mild to extreme. Where possible try to restrict the use of high heels to nights out and stick to flat shoes during the day.

There are also many running and sports shoes on the market and quite often people choose the wrong style for their foot type. It is always a good idea to get your shoes fitted correctly and most professional sports stores are able to do this for you. A more serious cause of side of foot pain can be arthritis or even diabetes. There are also infections that can cause side of food pain such as Septic arthritis, osteomyelitis or cellulitis. This is why you should seek medical attention if your pain gets significantly worse doesn't go away.

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Sport activities contribute significantly to side of foot pain with athletics and gymnastics being top of the list. There are two distinctive fractures than can cause intense side of foot pain and these are March fractures and Stress fractures. March fractures result from undertaking vigorous physical activity without the correct warm up procedures or when a person undertakes extreme exercise outside of their normal everyday activities. Stress fractures normally result from repetitive and excessive strain over a given period of time.

Foot Pain on Side of Foot

From the onset of any side of foot pain, first treatment is to simply remember RICE. This stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation. If necessary also take anti-inflammatory medications to help combat the pain.

Rest allows the strained tissues to heal and prevents any further stress to foot.

Ice should initially be applied but for no longer than 20 minutes. If you use a commercial type ice pack always place it in a towel or a plastic bag as they tend to be too cold to place directly on your foot. If you find that the ice is causing an increase in pain then stop using immediately.

Compression and elevation will help prevent any swelling of the affected tissues. There are many compression bandages available from the local chemist though do ensure the bandages while firm are not too tight. Try to keep the foot elevated as much as possible and when going to bed place a pillow under your foot.

Normally side of foot pain can be treated at home but as you can see there are many causes, some much more serious than others, so don't take risks. If you find the pain is consistent and hasn't improved within 7 days then do see your doctor for further investigation.

Foot Pain on Side of Foot

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